"This is the most relaxed I've felt since I had Xanax after surgery!

Sometimes we are so stuck in the status quo that we forget how good life can be!  These are some kind words provided from our customers from a range of services.  We love helping people feel happy and strong in their own skin - no Xanax required.

Tom, Private yoga client for 11 months

Charlotte...just wanted to drop you a note at the conclusion of the year to say thank you (!!) for introducing me to Yoga this year. As you know, I had been thinking of this for a while after many years of sporting aches and pains, and having you visit our home in the evening for Yoga sessions was the only way to finally get started. And I am so glad I did! The sessions make a big difference to the way I feel physically, which in turn has had a positive mental impact too. Thanks so much and I look forward to 2018. Best, Tom

Lucy, Retreat participant

The most relaxing and invigorating weekend of my life! I was initially nervous as I was a total yoga beginner but Charlotte and Mike were so good at adapting to my ability and didn't make me feel intimidated at all. Great experience with great people to match. 

stephanie, Retreat participant

Fantastic retreat, expertly organised. The schedule was relaxed and no pressure to do every activity but they were all fantastic! If you need an escape from city life I highly recommend spending a weekend immersing yourself in all things 'Yoga' with Charlotte & Mike :) 

Ron, Retreat participant

You are in safe healing hands with Charlotte & Mike. During their two day retreat we were eased into various strands of yoga, whilst also enjoying a nature hike and some wholesome meals cooked on location! If you're yearning for some time away for a carefree yet also productive weekend, then Charlotte & Mike can easily align to your desires. Highly recommended!

Emily, workshop participant

After your "Practising Purpose: Workshop Your Why" workshop I felt so motivated that I went home and registered for a domain name for my own company.  It's a small thing, but it's the first rung on the ladder of bringing more purpose into my daily life.