About sankalpa

Sankalpa (संकल्प):

Sanskrit for an intention formed by the heart and mind

A sankalpa is manifested into reality through regular daily affirmation and the power of the will.

A sankalpa is typically a simple, positive resolve, said to oneself daily.  Through awareness of this goal and repetition of its truth, the sankalpa is given the energy to become real.

The Problem

In modern society, busy has become the status quo.  Doing something at all times doesn't leave space to be present in the world as it really is or see ourselves as we really are. 

We rarely make time to pause and figure out if we are on the right path and discover what we really want. 

Being busy may be normal, but it doesn't make it right.  

This lack of space and time is making us more disconnected from ourselves than ever and leaves us looking externally to find fulfilment, fix problems, and avoid discomfort.  

At some point, one has to stop and wonder: am I being fulfilled or am I just busy?

What we do

At Sankalpa, we believe that life is to be enjoyed - a simple concept that has gotten lost in this day and age. When we awaken ourselves from the lull of constant distraction, this can also awaken us to our best selves.  From here, we can begin to make real progress towards enjoying life.

Our purpose is to empower others to tap into their potential with the help of our health promotion and personal development offerings. 

We offer a range of services from personal growth workshops to 1:1 coaching, corporate wellness to retreats.  Our singular goal is to align those we work with to their own sankalpas, providing them the space and support to explore how to bring these intentions to fruition.


Sankalpa In Action