Founder - specialises in facilitation and coaching.


Charlotte is a facilitator, teacher and coach, who finds fulfilment helping others thrive in their everyday lives.  

Charlotte began her career in a corporate setting working primarily as a project planner, account manager and trainer.  She moved quickly up the ranks of her company but found that no matter how big the pay check, she wasn’t fulfilled. 

Charlotte wanted her life to have more passion and depth than she was able to plan for herself, so she quit and went on a solo round-the-world trip for nine months, learning about the power of courage, mindfulness, and self-awareness.  

After relocating to Sydney, Australia, Charlotte studied to become a yoga and meditation teacher.  Her public yoga and meditation classes are available in the Sydney CBD and Northern Beaches areas.

Concurrent with yoga, Charlotte brought her business brain and love of personal development together to become a career coach at General Assembly, where she had the opportunity to develop content, deliver presentations, and coach her students to help them get hired into their dream roles.  Over 100 people have worked with her throughout her two years coaching.

Now with Sankalpa, Charlotte aims to combine her love of mindfulness with personal development to help others find a more balanced, sustainable lifestyle.  Charlotte’s work is focused on looking at how our thoughts affect us, investing in a more helpful perspective, and finding simple habit changes to support our happiness and health.

Michael Scott 

Founder - specialises in health promotion.


Michael is a health professional with over ten years experience working as a physiotherapist in hospitals.  With clinical experience in brain injury, spinal injury, intensive care, orthopaedics and cardiac surgery, he has learnt that treatment must address not only physical issues but emotional and mental as well.

Michael believes in a holistic approach to wellness and recovery.  His involvement in Sankalpa marks a move towards health promotion, integrating his passion for alternative therapies with practical, real-world experience.