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The Movement Clinic: The Shoulders

The shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in the body and, therefore, a common area of stiffness & discomfort. The health of our shoulders will directly influence the function of the back, arms and neck. Energetically, the shoulders are our armour – dictating our capacity to respond to the events life presents us with. Maybe it’s time to give our armour a bit of TLC.

If you want to develop more awareness of your body or have trouble with yoga poses like plank and chaturanga, this workshop is for you.

Join physiotherapist/yoga teacher Mike Scott & yoga teacher Charlotte Messervy as they:

– examine the anatomy of the shoulders

– identify habits which contribute to muscle imbalances

– workshop commonly problematic yoga poses

– provide take home exercises to gain mobility & stability

Leave with more awareness and practical information to benefit your yoga practise and your life.

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