Looking to rejuvenate your team with an inspiring talk or workshop?  Look no further.

At Sankalpa, we will work with you to create the perfect content and experience for your unique goals and circumstances.


We have worked in educational and corporate settings to deliver relevant, insightful and practical content to individuals and teams looking to bring purpose and mindfulness into their work and lives.

Some topics we have run talks and workshops on:

  • Mindfulness and Empowerment: what is mindfulness, why is it important, and how can you bring it into your life in a realistic yet meaningful way.  Simple take home exercises are provided.
  • Practising Purpose: this talk consists of debunking myths around our culture's beliefs around what purpose should look like, followed by exploratory exercises to understand your deep-seated motivations on a personal and professional level. 
  • Solution-Oriented Communication: what are the levels in which we communicate and the problems that come from "bad communication."  Here we dissect your team's unique challenges and unpack them to find effective ways of working through future issues.
  • Unpacking The Imposter Syndrome: what is the imposter syndrome and how does it manifest itself at work?  Here we work through isolating (and incredible common) mindsets that much of our team experiences, leaving the team feeling more honest, supported, and comfortable in their own skin.

We are happy to work with you to create original content based on your needs.  Get in touch to discuss what you're interested in!


The rate is dependent upon the length of the session, number of participants, and number of sessions booked.  

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