Looking to rejuvenate your team with an inspiring talk or workshop?  Look no further.

At Sankalpa, we will work with you to create the perfect content and experience for your staff’s unique goals and circumstances.


Our workshops are centred around bringing more intention into the way we live and work. With content based on a mix of research and practical experience - our approach is human-centred and super practical. The goal is to inspire lasting change - to stop self-limiting habits and encourage a more sustainable mindset.

Here is an overview of our most popular workshops:

  • Creating Calm: The Foundations of Mindfulness

    • Understanding stress - mental and physical effects

    • What is mindfulness & how can it help curb stress

    • Pillars of a mindfulness practice

    • How mindfulness can apply to work & home life

  • Making Your Time Count: Productivity for Busy People

    • Looking at the habits and mindsets that contribute to feeling overwhelmingly busy

    • Simple and effective ways to get more done and stop wasting hours of each day

    • Increased awareness around the key factors in a productive life

  • Stop the Self-Sabotage: Unpacking Imposter Syndrome

    • What is imposter syndrome and how does it affect our lives?

    • Factors contributing to the feeling of self-doubt

    • Identifying triggers and re-framing the stories we tell ourselves

We are happy to work with you to create original content based on your needs.  Get in touch to discuss what you're interested in!


The rate is dependent upon the length of the session, number of participants, and number of sessions booked.  

Contact us to learn more - sankalpa.co.au@gmail.com.