yoga & meditation


Yoga loosely translates to "union" and is all about harmonising your self and your life.  Having a regular yoga practice can help with a range of issues like addressing: pain, stiffness, anxiety, stress, low energy, dealing with change, lack of purpose, insomnia, low self esteem, and negative self-talk (to name a few!).

Yoga is holistic and may include physical poses, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and other practices. 

We offer a range of yoga-related services below which are for all levels, including complete beginners.

Personal Yoga Coaching

Have you been interested in practicing in yoga but unsure where to start? 

Have you been going to classes regularly but want to create a home practice?

If so, this service is perfect for you.

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We offer 1:1 yoga coaching which ranges from:

  • Creating a physical practice for your unique needs and goals (and modifications)
  • Identifying your blockers and working through them together
  • Having someone to hold you accountable for your practice
  • Helping you safely explore new practices and progress to new levels
  • Regular sankalpa setting sessions: collaborating to set your intention for your practice and life and steps to make it a reality.  This could be for the month ahead, quarter ahead, year ahead, etc.


  • Initial consultation - $60 
  • $120 for 75 minute session
  • $300 for 3 x 75 minute sessions

To book, contact or 0404 821 606.